Canopy Tour

This is my next-to-last Costa Rica post. I realize you're probably bored, but I want it chronicled for the fam. Besides, you know you want to see me in a helmet.

Friday, after the hike up the volcano, we did a canopy tour, which means another climb up a mountain (in the jungle) and then riding zip lines stationed in trees, about 150 feet in the air. Biggy and I had done this on our honeymoon, and I'd sworn I'd never do it again, but the kids made such a big deal about it and called me names, so I opted to try. After the horseback ride to the starting point, we donned our equipment. That's when it started drizzling. By the time we got to the second platform, it was pouring rain, with winds that shook the trees. Picture standing on small, wet and slippery, metal stairs 150-200 feet in the air during a storm. I was looking for a way out, any excuse, but it was going to be difficult considering Lola was doing it, as well as a three-year-old girl, an older lady whose husband had to practically carry her to the first platform, and a pregnant woman. My imagination failed me.

We got a couple of shots of Sadie on the line (the longest is half a mile), but the camera had to go back in the bag because of the rain.


mamoo said...

you all look happier than i've seen you look in a long, long time.
the countryside is beautiful and so are ya'll.

but, greg, couldn't you manage to look just a tiny bit embarrassed in your canopy gliding get-up?

biggy said...

Mamoo, as you know, I pretty much look fantastic in everything I wear so I see no need to be embarrassed.

Collin said...

Helmet head! Ha!

Looks like it was an amazing trip.

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