More Costa Rica--Arenal

We spent Thursday and Friday near the town of La Fortuna, at the volcano Arenal. We stayed at the Arenal Observatory Lodge Thursday night, which the kids loved. Built in 1987 for scientists, it's situated as close to the volcano as you can safely be. The volcano erupts often, and you can feel it rumble and watch as the rocks and lava careen down the sides. Friday we hiked to the site of lava flow from the last major eruption in 1992. With thoughts of the bi-level pool swimming in her head, Lo whined and complained all the way up--until we found a nice walking stick stuck in a hole between the rocks. This made her happy--until she put it down to scale a giant lava pile and have her picture taken. She left Sadie guarding the stick, but Bleeding Heart Blue let some old woman have it because the lady was having trouble with her hips. Not me, Friend. I'd have told Grandma to go whittle her own. Whatever Lola wants...

Other photos here are of local scenery and wildlife and of La Fortuna, a very brave--or stupid--town.


Anonymous said...

What is the story behind the guy on the rocks?

Tania Rochelle said...

Since it was the Easter holiday, most of the Ticos were on vacation while we were there. Lots of families were visiting the volcano, hanging out in the area, camping, cooking out, etc.

He was either sleeping or sleeping it off as his wife and kids played in the stream.

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