Lola Life Lessons

Yesterday, in the car with Lo:

Lo: Mom, why do parents tell their kids that babies come out of a woman's stomach?

TR: They do--

Lo: NO! The kids at school believe they actually take the baby out of the mom's stomach, like that's the normal way all the time.

TR: I dunno, Lo. Beats me why they can't just explain how it really happens.

Lo: Well, I can see why they wouldn't tell the boys.

TR: I think they should tell the boys too.

Lo: Nah, I can see why they wouldn't. But the girls--I mean, they're gonna find out for themselves eventually.


mamoo said...

this is soooooo funny. ya'll have lots of good car discussions don't you?

Tania Rochelle said...

Lo likes a captive audience.

Kathy said...

My sister planned all her sex talks with the boys for when they were in the car so there could be no escape. She loves a captive audience too.

ads. said...

wise beyond her years. girls don't always know when the "furtles*" move in....but before they move out, the situation does seem to present itself. boys?...well....

*furtles: official mascot of the fallopian swim team...

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