Having Outgrown Blues Clues

Last night, during the drive home from Portfolio Center graduation, Lo started asking questions about disturbing current news events, so I asked her where she'd heard about them, and thus commenced this conversation:

TR: I don't think you should be watching the news with Dad. There's no need for you to see all that.

Lo: Well, what's really scary is National Geographic. Everything dies on that show. Oh, and that show I always watch at Mamoo's, about people who murder people and the other people who figure out who did it. The first one I saw was the scariest. This man killed a woman and another man after they came out of church. He'd killed about 5 million other people too, or five thousand. He mostly killed women, but he'd kill a man too--if the man was with a woman.

TR: Was it always after church?

Lo: Mostly, but not always. Ask Dad about it. I watch it with him too.

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