A Poem Can Be This Simple

This poem by Robley Wilson is from Liz Rosenberg's beautiful anthology, The Invisible Ladder.


I wish in the city of your heart
you would let me be the street
where you walk when you are most
yourself. I imagine the houses:
It has been raining, but the rain
is done and the children kept home
have begun opening their doors.


Rupert said...

poor, T - you try and elevate your blog with stunning poems and whaddya get - zero comments . . .
guess it's back to bra fat, furtles and nascar bashing . . . ;)

a/ok said...

Don't go back to bra fat. I love the poems.

Tania Rochelle said...

I see no reason we can't have bra fat and poetry.

ads. said...

the poems are good-it goes without saying. I probably would comment if it was one of yours....kind of a "give credit where credit is due" sorta thing...so if you come up with a "My ass says hello"(which i thought was really cool, by the way),part 2...or maybe: nascar furtles with bra fat...

Anonymous said...

What does this poem mean? Sorry, I have to write an analysis on it and I see it's about love but I don't know how and why. Please help!

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