Can't Believe My Ears

I just heard "conversate" in the new Coke commercial.


Rupert said...

But didn't we just see you tell Biggy, "I love you to," ?

And then when MaMoo busted you, it somehow became "too" - lmao

Tania Rochelle said...

I thought you were my friend, Rupert.

Robin said...

Tania! You're cramping their conversatinational style!!!

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

I cite the badge for improper and unlawful use of capitalization.

Anonymous said...

The use of that word can be found in numerous rap songs.

Tracie said...

I hate when dudes ask me if we can "converse" sometime. Knowing they say conversate all up and through everywhere else.

Trying to show out using proper english, hmph.


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