Practicing the Mother-Guilt

(My phone rings)

TR: Hey Jack.

Jack: Hey.

TR: Why didn’t you pick up before?

Jack: I was talking to Dennis.

TR: Well, when I call, you should always answer. No one’s more important than your mother.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Why did you call?

TR: To make sure you got home safely and that you’re ok. And to see if you let Fay out of her cage and took her outside.

Jack: Yes I took her! Even though I was locked out and had to crawl through the window.

TR: Did you give her some love--play with her a little?

Jack: No. She’s playing with Daisy. Is that all you wanted?

TR: You’d better stop being mean to me.

Jack: How am I being MEAN?

TR: You’re being short and ugly—when I was just making sure you were all right.

Jack: You really just wanted to ask about Fay. You always bring the dog into it.

TR: That’s not true…I don’t ask you to do much for me—Is it too much to ask for you to give my puppy a kiss?

Jack: Oh my god…I’m hanging up now. Bye.


biggy said...

Was this before or after the conversation Jack and I had with you about nagging?

mamoo said...

she had top notch teacher.

Tania Rochelle said...

That's rich, Biggy, seeing that you and Jack could outnag Wilma Flintstone.

Collin said...

Poor Jack.

biggy said...

T, denial is not a river in Egypt.

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