Disney Continued

Here are a few pics, in no particular order--some taken at the Magic Kingdom, some at MGM, and others at Epcot. We just realized tonight that we didn't get any shots of the campsite or grounds.

After being run over and into a hundred times, we all agreed that Disney should have 'No Stroller' days, as well as 'Scooter Free' days. The way we see it, if you're in a stroller, you're not going to remember Disney anyway, and if you're on a scooter, you should be at the Y doing your water aerobics. (Just kidding, Granny!)

Lo & Dad, Grand Prix

Lo & Church-of-God Mom, Epcot's Germany

Lo & Jack

Lo & Man With Purse, MGM

Waiting for the Muppets 3-D show

Little Teabag with D-bags (Just kidding, Jack and Tyler!)

Ice Cream Sandwiches bigger than your head

Atta Girl!

We survived the Tower of Terror at MGM. (Note Tyler's I'm-not-gay stance)

Norwegian Jack at Epcot

Jack and Friends

Magic Kingdom, late in the evening

Lola's swag



ga said...

Aww! so cute! Those icecream sandwiches kick some major ass!

PS: did you call your daughter a teabag? please urbandictionary.

PSS: A thing I love about the blog is that i can see who has stolen my clothing. I want my tech sweatshirt back.

Collin said...

I was tempted to say it looked like gay day at Disney, esp. the man with the purse, but the boys might take it the wrong way. lol

Tania Rochelle said...

George, You mean the sweatshirt that was in the trunk of the Jetta for the past year and a half, along with your rock climbing shoes and the collected Jane Austen?

It's all mine now.

mamoo said...

i thought you were very proud of your pop-up camper and would have had tons of pictures of it. well, maybe it's because it's used. a used pop-up camper isn't nearly as prestigeous as a new pop-up camper.

biggy said...

Mamoo, it's not a matter of pride. As you're aware, I'm pretty much Clark Howard's best student(with a few exceptions)

Kathy said...

I've never been to Disney. Looks like fun trip. I would be right next to Lo working on one of those ice cream sandwiches.

Had disturbing Disney flashback this morning after seeing Disney on Ice Princess Wishes commercial that featured a Drag Queen Little Mermaid. Didn't the Little Mermaid make an appearance at one of the kid's bday parties?

Jessica said...

Oh my god . . . I love poor Tyler's "i'm not gay" stance. Classic!

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

Hey, visit my parents while you are down there will you?

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