Mothers & Daughters

Last Thursday night, I took Stella to Mamoo's to stay while we were on our trip. Stella likes it at my mom's, because there are two and a half other chihuahuas and a couple of doxies. Life is good for dogs at Mamoo's, where my grandmother is home to baby them all day.

Anyway, while I was at Mom's, I couldn't help but notice the remote that Granny was using--probably because it was as big as the control panel for the space shuttle Discovery. I commented on it, not realizing it was such a sore point.

TR: Can you change the neighbors' channels with that thing?

Granny: I can't figure out how to change our own.

Mamoo: I keep telling her you have to push "Guide" first. It's not hard.

Granny: I just need time to get used to it.

Mamoo (under her breath): It's been six months!

It reminded me of me and my girls. Mamoo is 63; Granny is 81. Evidently, some things never change.


Alena said...

I have that remote. No lie.

(I can't get it to work either...)

Tania Rochelle said...

You shouldn't tell anyone that, Alena.

Collin said...

Christ...you should be able to change channels on Mars with that thing.

Tracie said...

I gave that remote to my mom (her glasses are really thick). I think it's still in the package. teehee.

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