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Sadly, sadly, I report that Lola's class's guinea pig, Willard, passed away on Tuesday. Willard had spent a couple of weekends at our house, and I can honestly say I'd never loved a rodent more. She was sweet and funny, and I could watch her eat timothy grass for hours. Lo, of course, was heartbroken. She and her friend B (who used to be mean to her but now isn't) got teased for crying.

The neighboring class made and sent condolence cards. Here is the one Lo got to bring home:


Montgomery Maxton said...

oh holy crap i love that drawing

Tania Rochelle said...

Especially the cocker-spaniel-sized guinea pig.

Rachel said...

willard is a girl?

Tania Rochelle said...

Willard was a girl.

ads. said...

Guinea pigs are cute. But after a while, when cleaning cages for a couple years, one comes to realize they only have two functions: eat a pellet, make a pellet....eat a pellet, make a pellet...(I'm hoping it wasn't cocker-spaniel-sized. They'd have to clean that cage with a bulldozer!)

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