About Getting in Shape

Today, as part of Biggy's fatherly duties, he had to put together Jack's new weight bench. He was assembling it in the computer room upstairs as Jack played Poker online. I walked in as they were discussing where to put it:

Biggy: I think it'll fit in your room.

TR: Why don't you put it in the empty playroom downstairs?

Biggy: He doesn't want to work out in front of people.

TR: There are plenty of times Jack's home with no one else in the house.

JackMan: I don't want to have to walk down the stairs to work out!

TR: Are you kidding me?

JackMan: No. That's why I don't want it in the basement either. That's two flights. I want to be able to roll out of bed and work out.

TR: Then roll back into bed again?

JackMan: Exactly.


ButtonHole said...

JackMan got it goin on, if ya ask me!!!

ads. said...

Power napping, YEAH! By not having to walk downstairs, he can EASILY squeeze in another few sets of ZZZZZZZ's...

Where on earth did you get that picture? THAT can't possibly be real...can it? The man is DEFORMED!

jOoLz said...

god, i hope that picture's fake.

Tania Rochelle said...

It's GOT to be.

ga said...

that is the sickest thing I have ever seen. Jack, working out is overrated. Just be a fatty with me.

mamoo said...

gaga, what in the world are you talking about? you. are. perfect.

ga said...

hey mamooooo... i miss you. I need to get that shot when i come home on saturday. A great homecoming present, I know.

Anonymous said...

What, no Father's Day post? Poor Biggy.

Blaise said...

ohhh ohhh let me do it! i can give shots! i gave a lady three different shots in one sitting.

Kathy said...

GA - Yeah!!! You're coming home. Safe trip.

Biggy - Happy Father's Day.

Jack - 2 flights of stairs would be good aerobic warmup before lifting. Maybe you can also put futon in basement for napping.

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