Wasted Time, But $aved Some Money

I mentioned before that I have a sty on my eye. I've had it since long before George left for Costa Rica, which was five weeks ago, so I'm guessing about two months total. I asked the doc-in-the-box to have a look at it while I was there for the bronchitis, but she told me I had to go to an eye doctor. That was--what--about two weeks ago? I decided to do more self-surgery rather than take time out for another appointment. I even thought about using the prescription Fay had for her torn eyeball. In any case, poking it with pins and tweezers and scrubbing it with peroxide hasn't cured it, so today I gave up and went to the opthamologist. I was hoping he'd cut it off with a razor blade or something, a method I've considered doing myself. BUT NOOOOOO. He prescribed an antibiotic ointment and said to give it another week. I came home and compared the scrip to Fay's, and sure enough...

I could have been using it all along.


ga said...

hahaha, I like Fay´s name on the bottle.

Anonymous said...

Apply a hot compress to it several times a day. It will come to a head and burst. Call me if it's not better in a week!

Collin said...

I must have missed the post where you said you had a sty. I had one a couple of years ago before I went to England. They gave me a prescription of this gnarly cream stuff you put in your eye, but it was the hot compresses that really worked the trick. I made them nearly scalding.

Word Verification (I kid you not): eyerusjq

Anonymous said...

Instead of a plain hot compress, soak a tea bag in hot water and use that as your compress. I don't know why but it works.

ga said...

Yáll are gross... too much detail.

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