Team Trivia

I tried to email this to Georgia but it didn't go through, so I'm posting it here. Tolerate.

Sadie and Justin were in town, and we were dragging them to trivia, so I called Blaise to see if he wanted to go. I said, "I mean, unless you have other plans," to which he responded, "Nope. My girlfriend is in Costa Rica." I was happily surprised that he wanted to join us, and then a little while later he called to see if he could bring a friend. "Really?" I asked, "Have you described us to your friend? Does he know what we're like?" He assured me it would be fine and somehow even picked up another friend to bring along. Before we left for Suburban Tap, I told them how bad we suck at trivia--and how excited we were to have three Georgia Tech boys on our team, not to mention my brilliant oldest and her trivia-savvy boyfriend. In the end, we still sucked, having a great first half and tanking the second. We had a great time, though, except for missing Miss G.

From my left, going around the table: Lo's friend J; Lola; Blaise's friends Ed and Scott; Georgia's beau Blaise; Sadie's beau Justin, Sadie; and Biggy Greg. Our team name: Everyone but George.

No one wanted to say "Hey," because they hate the video camera. In fact, the whole family seems a little annoyed with me and my Flip lately


biggy said...

Outstanding video quality. And f#%$* Bridgette Neilsen.

ga said...

The video won´t play here :-(

biggy said...

Try hitting it twice, Gaga. It wouldn't play for me either the first time. And we need to talk about Blaise's new job duties.

Collin said...

The look on Greg's face is priceless.

Blaise said...

what about my job duties troubles you?

biggy said...

two words Blaise- Finger.Luber.

Blaise said...

it happens, but luckily i don't have to see the actual product of my work.

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