Heading to Fripp

We had a fascinating conversation as soon as we hit the road. It started with Biggy correcting me about my earlier post:

Biggy: It's golf CART, by the way--not golf CAR.

TR: You're wrong. Everyone always says golf cart, but it's actually golf car.

Biggy: What even makes you think that?

TR: Someone corrected me once, so I looked it up.

Jack: Someone CORRECTED you for THAT? That's like getting on to someone for saying PIN instead of PEN [emphasis on short e].

TR: True.

Jack: I got in an argument with this kid at school because he heard me say Billy Joel, and he corrected me. He said, "It's Joll." And I said, Jo-w'l.

Biggy: Billy Joll.

Jack: Jo-w'l. Two syllables, but kinda slurred together.

TR: Right. Billy Jo-w'l.

Biggy: Whatever.

Jack: That's my point.


halavi said...

Y'all better call me if you go through Augusta on the way back!

Kathy said...

Catching up after couple days of camping. Thanks for great bday message. Planned to call on way back to Denver but phone was dead and, as always, I forgot to put charger in truck.

Wish I was at Fripp, in my Lands End Overstock high neck (due to last pre-cancer removal) old lady tankini that will last until I die. I'll never find a bathing suit that makes me happy, so one that lasts forever is better than nothing. I'd also happily jog/shuffle/walk with you every day at Fripp.

Montgomery Maxton said...

he totally owned your camcorder

Tania Rochelle said...

Hey now. I got clippage to post, didn't I?

ga said...

I wish I was there to run with you and have fun!!!

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