How Much Fun Am I Going to Have With This?

This was on the Q100 website today (I read their lousy blog--I know!).

Forget taking them on vacation, forget the exotic locales. I'm taking them places I consider more appropriate, starting here:

You can get it for yourselves here.


ga said...

You should take it to lola´s school and give it a book bag and then send them the picture. Just make Lola treat it like a regular kid. Take it to lunch, put it on a swing. I hate that stupid morning show, they are so annoying.

Collin said...

And don't forget to take them to a firing range and hang them up as a target. Or when you're out for a jog, throw it on the ground and take a picture with your foot on it.

a/ok said...

I think I'll take them on a tour of the finer parts of nyc.

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