The Work of the Devil

I'd heard a while back about the frequency that can't be heard by anyone old enough to have driven a Pacer. I was fascinated by the subject the same way I was fascinated by sea worms, and then I forgot all about it. Until Sadie and Justin came in this weekend and tormented me with his mosquito ringtone that everyone--EVERYONE--except me could hear. Oh, what fun!

"Mom can't hear it; she's too old."

"Greg can still hear it!"

"You taking your Geritol, Mom?" (Right, I know. I'm the only one who knows what Geritol is.)


Blaise said...

you couldn't even hear the tv behind you!

ads. said...

I couldn't hear it either. I had Liz (18) come down and actually VERIFY that a noise was playing.....EXTREMELY annoying!

ButtonHole said...

Yeah, this upset me really really badly. I'd heard about it, but hadn't really had a chance to check out whether I could hear it. But I was completely convinced I'd be able to. Such hubris. I turned up the sound as far as it would go on my computer. Then adjusted the sound on the page. Hit play again. And again. And imagined I could hear a slight pulsing, a rhythmic hum of sorts.

I think it was my heartbeat.


Tania Rochelle said...

Hey Blaise--Bite me.

ga said...

hahahahahahaha.... I had a physics teacher who couldn´t hear it, so he would put it on for before his classes came in, and they would have no idea why they were so agitated the whole time, and then he would tell them at the end. Pretty funny.

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