Changing the Subject

Tired of my harping on politics? Let's move on to a subject infinitely more exciting--a product I'm happy to share. As the keeper of a small petting zoo, I've had opportunity to try a variety of cage liners and bedding. Anyone who's been in my house can attest to the lack of success I've had as far as odor control. Go into any lo-rent strip mall pet store and that's what my house smells like. Or did, rather. Fresh World is exactly as it says. It's absorbent, less messy, more economical, environmentally friendly, and it controls the odor. If you have hamsters or guinea pigs, you should try it.


ga said...

thank god, our house reeked

Tania Rochelle said...

Gosh, George--glad I posted something that moved you to comment.

ButtonHole said...

Maybe we could shore up Palin's stench with some of this?

Oh, wait, this was an apolitical post. Sahwee.

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