Not Even God Is Spared The Scare Tactics


ads. said...

Yet another hypo-christian speaks..."May our god beat up your god..." OMG! This kind of crap makes a good arguement for being atheist.

biggy said...

wow. That guy is totally going to lose faith in his god on November 5.

ButtonHole said...

The arrogance knows NO bounds.

Howard said...

I guess he didn't account for the fact that God might just say "you know, you guys are kinda full of shit and to be honest, I think the other guy is actually living up to the stuff I was trying to teach ya'll—you know, loving your neighbor, taking care of those less fortunate, thou shalt not kill, etc.

Ya'll just seem to wanna throw my name around in the hopes it gets you something. Oh, and FYI, I created Barack too. So, uhhh, not really digging your veiled racism and your constant spewing of anger at him. And please, let's keep talk of any potential god-offs to a minimum."

Anonymous said...

As soon as I clean the emesis off my keyboard, I'll comment on this Godless a**hole! I'm 100% with you Howard!

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