I Think We Know the Answer

Huffington's take on Old Sourpuss made me laugh:

This debate wasn't decided on the arguments being made. It was won on the reaction shots. Every time Obama spoke, McCain grimaced, sneered, rapidly blinked, or rolled his eyes. "He looked like Captain Ahab, again and again going after Moby Dick," John Cusack told me. "Or an animal caught in a bear trap. He even seemed pissed at Joe the Plumber."

McCain's contemptuous reactions were so intense and frequent, they've already been turned into a YouTube video. The disdain McCain feels for Obama was unmistakable. It's as if Obama is not just blocking his way to the White House, but robbing him of his destiny.

By contrast, every time McCain was on the attack, Obama was smiling. And the nastier McCain got, the brighter Obama's smile became. It was the non-verbal equivalent of Reagan's disarming "There you go again" -- and it served to underline McCain's need for anger management. The angrier McCain got, the more unruffled Obama appeared.


Kathy said...

He clearly thinks that Obama has no business running for President and can't believe that he has to share a stage with him. I just love the "negative campaigning is all Obama's fault because he wouldn't agree to town hall meetings" theory.

The part that I just couldn't get over was during the abortion segment when he said "the health of the mother" and used air quotes. His contempt for women was pretty clear too. Or at least for any woman who might consider having an abortion.

Tania Rochelle said...

In light of his gorilla rape joke, his Chelsea Clinton is so ugly joke, and his calling his wife a c***, I think we can leave it at contempt for women.

Collin said...

Obama looked, sounded and reacted "presidential," while McCain's eye-rolling, rapid-blinking, death-rattle heavy breathing showed nothing but contempt and anger. He only has himself to blame.

esk said...

I couldn't have said it any better...this was the best -- SO on point, and absolutely hilarious.

I can appreciate McCain being on the offensive, but after awhile, he just looked like a little spoiled brat who was begging for(demanding) an apology from Obama! Obama handled himself (once again) with grace. McCain's attempt to "ruffle his feathers" failed miserably.

mamoo said...

i don't when i've seen a more disgusting man.

Tania Rochelle said...

Welcome, esk!

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