She Can Still Afford Starbucks

I'm sure you've seen this already--Palin misquoting Madeleine Albright:

The actual quote, a little different:

But let's just go with it either way--quote or misquote--and I agree. I too believe there's a special hell reserved for women who fail to help and support other women. And there's a special seat in that special hell for women who knowingly hurt other women, whether it be by dating married men or by campaigning against equal pay, choice, and healthcare for everyone.

Palin is the Anti-Woman.


Anonymous said...

there sure will be a special place in hell for her.

ButtonHole said...

She makes me sick.

Collin said...

She is an absolute moron.

thefamilydownthestreet said...

She makes me want to gouge my ears out every time she speaks. She reminds me of a younger Edie McClurg (think Ferris Bueller's Day Off Principals’ secretary named Grace). How’s that for an obscure reference?

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