7 Crazy Years: Celebrating With Baton Bob

Not to give George short shrift, but today is ALSO mine and Biggy's anniverserary (yeah, I know. I LIKE that spelling). And this was my gift to my husband--a few moments of joy in the office plaza, courtesy of the Ambassador of Mirth.

Thanks to Biggy's boss, Kevin, who helped me pull this off, and to Bob himself, who honored my request for bridal apparel and stayed "on call" today until the weather cleared. (Unfortunately, the wind did NOT, and my beskirted ass became part of the show.)

Anyway, it was everything I imagined and then some.

Don't you wish I were your wife?


Collin said...

I love Bob. We did an interview with him last year and he was a scream and a half. I love how he prances downtown and stops in front of the condos and offices being built and twirls for the construction workers. And some of them whistle.

kc said...

This was a terrific, thoughtful gift, and not just to Biggy, but to the whole office. Thanks again for letting us share. You're super!!!

A said...

One time I asked Baton Bob if he would lead a conga line with me at Loca Luna and he told me he needed "a few minutes to perform alone." Then he slapped me on the butt with the baton. You go girl.

Scott said...

Baton Bob recently appeared in the pilot episode of Laugh Out. Laugh Out is a new gay-themed comdey show based out of Atlanta. I found a link about the show. You can find out more by checking out Laugh Out!

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