The Face of Evil

Imagine it's sunny and clear. You've already had a nice jog by the river, and your teenaged daughter has actually invited you to go with her to get a pedicure. Now, you're fresh from the shower, feeling a little saucy in your skirt and sandals, getting ready to leave for Lili Salon, where you'll have your toes done in Bubblegum Pink and get a leg massage with mint sea salts--O' beautiful day! You breeze into the kitchen to grab your keys off the counter, and in SHE comes.

She takes one look at you in your sweet frock, and in a practiced falsetto, begins: "Oooohhh, I'm SO pret-ty. Soooooo preeeeeeetty...I'm going to get my naaaaiiiiils done....pretty-pretty-pretty....Ooooh, I broke my nail...boo hoo...I'm soooooooooo pretty."

Then, about-face, she marches out of the kitchen, just leaving you standing there, broken.


Collin said...

Her eyes in that pic are devilish. If they ever do "The Omen 5" (or 6 or whatever number they're up to) take her to the casting call. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i don't know where ya'll get off. hers is the face of an angel.

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