Head Transplants

Okay, I'm the last to know. But oh-my-god, who told Kenny Rogers trading faces was a good idea? There's not the slightest remnant of the man he used to be. What's up with these guys--like Burt Reynolds? They should take their cues from Paul Newman and Robert Redford--grow old gracefully and beautifully. I don't know if those two have had any "procedures," but they both look their ages and like THEMSELVES, for crying out loud. And Paul or Robert, still today--any time, any place. I mean, if I weren't married...


amy rush said...

I think he looks a little too much like
Anne Murray.

Tania Rochelle said...

Holy cow!

Did you make that connection all by yourself?!

M. Ru Pere said...

A few years ago I was 2nd in line to pee at a gas station on 316 halfway to Athens, and whoa, out of the john comes The Gambler! - you noticed him because he was so ungodly TANNED, and then ya said, Oh, it's Kenny Rogers . . . but the guy in front of me was oblivious, intent on his turn for the bathroom, so he takes one step in, turns back to me, makes a face, waves his hand around and goes, "P-yeeuuuwww. That guy so stunk up this place!"
. . . which proves . . . some moralizing something that would make only a predictable poem . . . unless, maybe - kenny had a red wheelbarrow in the bed of his pick-up truck

Collin said...

They had a piece in some magazine...can't remember which one...after everyone was stunned by his face on American Idol. They put up side by side pics and had a plastic surgeon try go guess what he'd had done. The verdict: A full brow lift (pretty much peeling off your upper face and sewing it back on tighter...ewww) and massive amounts of botox. He really looks terrible.

amy rush said...

Yeah, I saw it in him immediately. I secretly like Anne Murray and have since I was a kid. And I think she's always looked like that!

Anne-Davnes said...

Eeeew Yuk.

Kinda makes me want to congratulate Mick and the rest of the Stones for staying as naturally gnarly as they have.

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