Gift From Biggy

Yeah, that's right.


minus five said...

1. why don't you have any muscles or more defined arms?

2. did he make that shirt himself because i don't know how he could have found something more perfect to describe you?

A said...

You have Sarah Jessica Parker arms.

Bjorn said...

Love the shirt! I want one.

Anonymous said...

why don't we ever see your face?

licorice said...

biggy got the apostrophes correct

Tania Rochelle said...

Hi y'all (you too Sarah)! We've been driving all day, toward the OTHER Red Neck Riviera, Daytona Beach. Stopping off tonight in Brunswick, GA. Imagine my delight to see your comments.

Thanks, A! That's a great compliment. I think.

Bjorn, you should have one.

Anon, my face is at the top of the blog. Put it anywhere you like.

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