Another Saturday Night

Cleaning up dog shit. Don't I look elegant?


minus five said...

i appreciate that you kept your heels on while cleaning. it would have been indecent not to.


That, my friend, is the story of my life with my two crazy mutts and two crazy cats. I usually take my heels off for cleaning, though...but I kind of like the 50's
"Leave it to Beaver" feel achieved by leaving them on.
All you need now is hand-embroidered apron to complete the ensemble.

minus five said...

i don't think june cleaver would have worn a dress with that much of her upper body being exposed. not even with a shawl. but mary's right about the apron. why don't you have one of those on? and some nice pearls.

Collin said...

There's a Mommie Dearest quote on the tip of my tongue, but I'm too tired to remember. Joan would be proud you kept on the heels! :)

Who's Blue Magoo? said...

That's the hottest I've ever seen anyone cleaning up dog shit look!

Tania Rochelle said...

Why thanks, Blue!

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