Homeward Bound

Due to some BS called 'Access Anywhere/Daytona' that overrode the T-Mobile log-in at Starbucks and robbed me of my $8.95 24-hour fee when I gave in and signed up, I was unable to share the blow-by-blow of my vacation, as you must know I'd intended. I was prepared to give you the full experience--the mullets, the cheerleaders, the Denture Tours, all of it. But it was not to be. In fact, Access Daytona screwed my computer up so badly that the last operation I was able to perform was sending Minus Five the info to post the last blog. After, I couldn't even send emails. Nothing. Complete withdrawal. (We should talk about blogging DT's--no one warned me.)

Instead of the whimsy of the Tropical Manor, then, I offer the ride home. Lo on a chocolate-donut-turtle-high. Dad bought the pet, even after I swore--having been caretaker already to Lo's goldfish, dwarf frogs, garden snake, house gecko, hermit crab, and parakeet--that I would not feed it, water it, bathe it, clean its cage, buy it treats, kiss it, sing to it, clip or trim anything on it, spray-mist it, give it vitamins, check its temperature, paint smiley faces on its shell, take it to the vet/park/show-n-tell, or find it if it goes missing.

Father and daughter were not deterred.

I mean it, though. I'm sorry I even took its picture.


amy rush said...

This is what we redheaded girls who like to wear boys' swimtrunks do. We collect strange and unusual pets. Mine:
turtle :)
2 parakeets
4 cats
1 garder snake
many goldfish (to feed - and outlive - the snake)
3 hermit crabs
many "pet" bugs (often found in my pockets by mom)
2 flying squirrels (yup!)

Only now do I have a dog....and three cats, many fish and two dwarf frogs.

It's where I direct my maternal energy.

Anonymous said...

oh, that was so sweet of minus five to help you out like that! everybody should know somebody as cool. where can i find one?

Tania Rochelle said...

Nice try, Sarah! Did I not thank you enough?


This behavior is not exclusive to just the redheaded girls who like to wear boys swimtrunks....I collected strange pets as well. In fact, I liked to find them and then create the most perfect simulated habitat for them using my young environmental design skills. Okay, so I threw some rocks into an aquarium for them, but they were artfully arranged...
1. 2 parakeets (Polly and Wally)
2. numerous turtles (Turdy, being my favorite)
3. numerous lizards, geckos, salamanders
4. One ground rattle snake (thank God the UPS man identified him so that I could find him a new home)
5. White mice (who knew they loved my mom's pantry so much?)
6. Hermit crabs...and then more hermit crabs
7. One horse.
8. too many cats to name
9. 2 dogs
10. fish fish and more fish...like plants, I could never keep the poor guys alive.
11. frogs and toads...but frogs were always more coveted.

Luckily, I have learned to limit my need for creatures. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs...and I only long for a horse again.

Tania Rochelle said...

Well, Mary-Mary, I believe you have a red-headed soul.

Tania Rochelle said...

Aw, Amy, I do hope to have grandkids one day--without scales, fur, or fins.

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