Look Darlings, something to put your Fresca's in.


amy rush said...

I've seen these at NASCAR events. There are a lot of crazy things to see at NASCAR events, come to think of it!

I can't believe I've been to NASCAR races. More than one. And this Saturday we'll be in Nashville to watch from inside the circle. I might even help a pit crew. I'll do anything for love.

Thanks again.

Collin said...

There's a "you might be a redneck joke" here somewhere. :)

Tania Rochelle said...

Dang, Amy--you actually admitted that!

nolapoet said...


amy rush said...

I know. Trust me, it's not because I love it. I love my girlfriend who loves it. It's somewhat interesting, though, if you follow a driver - which I do based on how cute and nice he is and what brand his car is sponsored by - I used to like the Target car driver b/c of Target. He moved to the Havoline car but I still like him because when I met him he was nice to me.

Just don't start to follow a guy or next thing you know you'll be saying phrases like, "His spotter should have told him that it wasn't clear below" and "They should have called a caution because his tear off was flappin' in the wind" or "Junior is such an asshole."

Karen already has gotten my mother hooked on it, too.

I like to go and count the mullets, the beehives, the booths with the free gun locks and to find the tackiest shirt - to make fun of, not to buy.


I wonder if you can get a DUI driving one of those if it is stocked with liquor...being from Louisiana, we do think about these things.

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