Another Stop On The Karma Train

(Tiegs at 57)

Dear Kathy,

Remember when Cheryl Tiegs made a come-back in the late 80's, doing commercials for Dannon? She was speeding toward 40, and we were in our late 20's. We'd sit around my apartment, drinking beer and eating Camille's pizza while we made fun of her "bra fat." We'd shout, "Put a shirt on!" and "How 'bout some push-ups!" at the TV, where she, clad in swimsuit or tank top, spooned yogurt into her mouth at the beach or on the tennis court.

Well, here I am at 43--jogger, mountain biker, racquetball player, dumbbell lifter, push-up expert, Splenda eater:

I've figured out the secret, though: Always keep your hands on your hips and your arms slightly flexed:


mamoo said...

tania, i can show you some BRA FAT,

Kathy said...

Hee, hee. It doesn’t seem right that you can have bra fat when you have no body fat. I do have some and wish that the bra fat was my only issue ... The belly roll is another post 40 development that I'm really enjoying. I finally decided that life is too short (and I'm too undisciplined) for obsessive calorie/points counting, but I haven't embraced the body changes yet. Weights, sit-ups, walking, jogging just don't do the trick like they used to. Thank God for stretch denim. Cheryl definitely gets the last laugh on this one.

biggy said...


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