Three weeks past Christmas, this is as far as we've managed toward taking down the tree.

Much progress was made last night, after Biggy and I told Jack we were going out to dinner for a "date night." JackMan cried about not wanting to eat leftover meatloaf (I made Tuesday) and begged one of us to take him to McDonald's, so Biggy, who gets points aplenty for thinking fast, agreed to give him a ride only if he'd promise to take the ornaments off the tree. That brilliant transaction inspired a new chapter in my book on child-rearing, all about the advantages of adding bell pepper to meatloaf.

The aluminum tree, my very own, remains fully embellished in the living room. Last year, I took it down in July. The only reason I recall the month is that Garey reminds me weekly. (Perhaps I should remind him to dust that air vent. He's been know to clean up my house when he can't stand it anymore.)


Anonymous said...

That aluminum tree is badass and SHOULD stay up all year! Some nutty lady in my neighborhood was running around earlier this week sniffing all the old Christmas trees people had denuded and left by their curbs. "These smell wonderful," she enthused, "still fresh. Here. Smell." Because I know that will probably be me in about 20 years (crazyass old woman on the loose in the garbage), I took a sniff too and played along. And, yeah, those trees did smell pretty good.

Tania Rochelle said...

Maybe in a couple of weeks, when we finally put ours out by the curb, she can come sniff it too.

Biggy said...

T, you know we don't put ours by the curb. Jack and I have our ritual tree burning.

Anonymous said...

All together now...Poor Jack.

Tania Rochelle said...

It took long enough!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jack is right!!! He is the male version of Cinderella!! That was so not nice!!

danielle said...

i think you may have started a new tree tradion for independence day...why would you even think of taking down the aluminum tree any sooner than july?

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