Watch Dog

She used to lie across the top of the cushion, but a couple of weeks ago, Daisy started sitting like this on the couch she's not supposed to get on. She has a perfect view out the window.


Biggy said...

"trying to catch me riding dirty"

Anonymous said...

i dare you to try and avoid posting pictures of your pets or your kids or biggy for one whole week.

Tania Rochelle said...

MF--I dare you not to post any more pictures of your feet. Ever.

Anonymous said...

My terrier loves to be on TOP of the furniture...he gets on the back of the chairs, the back of the couch....any place he can get the best view...I think its a terrier thing.

Anonymous said...

t: i can't take you up on that dare. try to understand, i have the ugliest feet on the planet, only made more ugly by the surgery. they're flat and wide and big and they aren't comfortable in most shoes. with problems like that, i have been forced to love them.

and anyway, i'm about to die from whatever condition i developed, so you shouldn't make fun of my feet at this time. it's kind of like telling a chemo patient that they have bad hair.

mary: thank you, terrier expert. have you thought about pursuing a career as a veterinarian?

Anonymous said...

My rat terrier gets on the back of the couch all the time too. She likes to hang out there and look out the window, hoping that her true love, our mailman, might drop by.

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