Don't Call Him Biggy

I just walked in to find Biggy watching 'I Love New York II.' He seemed pretty impressed by one of the meat candidates, including the guy's handle, and asked me to change his Biggy-name to Pootie. Consider it done.

Anything for you, Pootie.


biggynotpootie said...

I wasn't watching. It just happened to be on, you know.

Ana B. said...

Hey, I don't think the one she's kissing is Pootie. It's clearly Tango. How could you get that wrong!?

Collin said...

Can we call him Bootie? How about Tootie?

Tania Rochelle said...

Dang, Ana! I looked hard at all the thumbnails and thought it was him.

Sade said...

No, she´s deff. kissing Tango in this pic. I can´t believe I am missing season two. If you were a good mom you´d be recording them all for me and mailing them once a week!

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