Some Jack For Sadie and MaMa and Them


Joye said...

I am VERY impressed!! Looks like all of your hard work has paid off, you guys look great. I never knew YES could sound so good, nice tribute. I must say that #&%* was tight. Keep it up!! I hope to see you perform one day. I am proud of you and your dedication.

Anonymous said...

jack was the best performer on that field. and he is so gorgeous!

ktothefe said...

Wow, that was pretty impressive! I tried marching band for a week and went to one practice. The drum major yelled at me so much, so I didn't go back. But my older sister stuck it out... but nothing came close to this! Well done and bravo!

Suburban Spy said...

Love the close ups of Jack! :)
Great work - Yes used to be one of my favorite bands in (early) high school so it brought back a lot of memories - I'm just not sure if they are the good kind but it was a cool video to watch -no doubt.

Tania Rochelle said...

Hey, I didn't make this video, or it would have been nothing BUT close-ups of my son.

I just wanted those of the family who haven't seen him perform to see what he's part of.

They practice so hard! Tomorrow, he spends his whole Satuday rehearsing--9 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Now that's commitment.

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