Left Holding the Bag

So Lo comes downstairs bawling, Biggy is chuckling, and the ceiling above me is practically rumbling, because Jack is laughing so hard in the room directly upstairs. Before I can determine what great comtragedy has occurred, Biggy announces he's going to the Y, and just leaves me to deal with his daughter. (Turns out, she'd jumped out from behind a door earlier and scared him, and he'd simply returned the favor.) I happen to be holding my camera and punch the button for posterity's sake, but Lo doesn't know it's running. My favorite part is her dramatization rationalization for why what her dad did was worse than what she did. (Oh, and he did it TWICE!)

I was serious about the payback. Biggy and Jack, sleep tight.


Rachel said...

FYI... one of the youtube related video titles for that was:

"mom laughs as kid almost dies."

i wish i was kidding. i'm not clever enough to make that up though. poor lo.

mamoo said...

poor baby. she could be traumatized for life. tell biggy (or smally) i'll help her get even.

notice the way she would seem to almost forget what she was crying about and then would remember and cry louder.

Collin said...

Oh, please...she was working that moment for all its worth.

Yep, BigPootie and Jack should watch out.

Jennifer said...

Short sheet Jack's bed and leave a live chicken to shit in Pootie's hooptie overnight.

Spence said...

what an oscar performance!! I love how she's wiping her eyes over and over and trying to evoke the tears that aren't materializing! Classic. I wonder if she's given Faye lessons?

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