Tonight, my mother (Mamoo) met me at McEachern High School, so we could watch JackMan play with the band at the Cobb County marching band exhibition. I graduated from McEachern in '81, so it was a little homecoming for me. Mom and I did some reminiscing between shows:

Mamoo: Look how small Campbell's band is!

TR: I know! It used to be huge. Campbell was where that really cute guy--what was his name?--oh yeah, Daryl Purvine--played football. Heidi and Ann started the Daryl Purvine Fanclub at McEachern. What was our other big rival school in Smyrna. It started an L--or had L's in it.

Mamoo: You mean Wills?

TR: No!! That's not it.

Mamoo: Oooh, look at those flags. Those are really pretty. Is that a guy on the colorguard?!

TR: Osborne!

Mamoo: Your eyes burn?

TR: No, Osborne. That was the name of the school.

Mamoo: The one with the L's?

TR: Yeah.


mamoo said...

i thought this was pretty funny. apparently, no one else gets it.

Kathy said...

I get it. Would love to go to a band exhibition with the two of you. Glad that you finally came up with name of the school even though no l's involved.

Was out with a few forty plus friends on Saturday (including Robin, who used to work at Taste of New Orleans, and says hi to all of you) and it took us 5 minutes to come up with name of the movie "Platoon". Very sad.

Jennifer said...

Tania, when you returned to your old high school, I hope you did me proud and smoked an enormous joint in the bathroom.

Tania Rochelle said...

I did not, Jennifer. But what I did do was go stand to the side of that Indian mascot--at the angle where you can't see his left hand, except for his thumb sticking out from his fly. Got a big kick out of it just like I used to.

Kathy said...

I'm suprised they're still allowed to have an Indian mascot. Especially a half naked one.

ButtonHole said...

My husband and I spent an entire weekend about ten years ago trying to think of the actor POWERS BOOTH.

Ever had this happen? When you finally think of the thing that's been occupying your mind? And you feel lost? And lonely? Like you need something else to try to remember?

It's a sad life, but somebody's gotta live it.

Tracie said...

I always do that. I'm like...it starts with an F, then somebody says, "Penelope?"


Although 8 times out of 10 I'm right.

ktothefe said...

Is that Nazi-Indian Stripper the school's mascot!?

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