Feel the Flow

Thanks to the PC student who alerted me to this product. (He prefers to remain anonymous.)


Kathy said...

When will you be posting the video of you and Biggy doing the Puppoose dance?

Howard said...

That's pretty awesome. I'd day if you're a pet owner on my list this Christmas, you're gettin' one. And then it's all dancing! And subway riding!

Collin said...

I'm calling PETA.

Ty said...

I'm so sure Fay would LOVE being strapped to your hip while you pranced around doing the snake or some other horrible, eighties break dancing move.

Rachel said...

wouldn't the dogs limbs go numb from dangling?

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

I feel the same way I felt when I saw ice cream for dogs.

In Publix.

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