Saturday Things You Might Not Know

Before your next trip to Vegas, be sure to read about this interesting, insidious marketing strategy. Smart, though.


Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

Gambling fascinates me. The principle of gambling is the same principle of selective reward for consistent desired behavior that animal trainers use.

Lisa Allender said...

Just so it's not all "cigarette/cigar smell", which is what it(Vegas) mostly is, most of the time...
as a bit of a Vegas-o-phile myself(I dreaded visiting Vegas the first time(with my honey, Hansoo, who had to go on business), because I thought it would be cheesy, silly, etc.... It WAS, but it was also fascinating),
I could definitely get addicted to gambling, since I somehow win quite often:
slots(small payouts);
roulette(I don't know HOW I do it, but I tend to win alot, very frequently!)
blackjack(this does require a bit of "skill", I think--I've gotten big payouts).
Don't understand all the rules of poker yet, but am reading about it...
The people-watching there is amazing/crazy/ridiculous/funny/hot, and has inspired quite alot of musing, poetry, etc...
Do you enjoy Vegas?And if you do, what do you play?

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