Dear Elsa

While you were eating tacos, I signed on with Santa. Now, bring me my hat back and go find yourself some lederhosen.



ktothefe said...

yeah boyeeeeee that's how we roll!!!!

Kathy said...

I'm not usually a fan of small dogs in costume, but this may be my new favorite feature of your blog. I think Fay and Elsa have each earned an $80 pupoose. And then you have to post video of yourself doing the Pupoose dance. Fair is fair.

Rachel said...


Tracie said...

Let's see, Elsa licks me and has fallen asleep on my bosom. Faye, on the other hand has growled, snapped, and has attempted to bust through that little wall in your office to hunt me down and maul me.

Sorry Tania, I'm on Team Elsa. It's okay, I have unruly dogs too. What can ya do but love 'em all the same.

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