Because I'm a masochist, I volunteered to dogsit for my friend and student Angie's baby, Cheddar, from Thursday through Monday. Doesn't matter that I had to time critiques last night until 11:30 with said canine toddler in tow. No matter it's George's prom tonight (Of course I forgot to order the boutonniere!) or that JackMan has a drum workshop today because he wants to try out for the Walton High drumline and has managed to fake reading music for the past three years of middle school band; no matter that Biggy is allergic and his whole head starts melting whenever he's in the same room with her; and no matter that I have two old crotchety bitches of my own--a chihuahua and a jack russell, who don't much cotton to new kids, especially those of questionable pedigree, preferring to snarl at only each other. Lo LOVES this puppy--this Lab/Corgi mix the PC students call a Labrigator. And I promised.


Jennifer said...

Oh, my god! That's the second most beautiful dog in the world! Naturally, my bitch, she is numero uno!

Tania Rochelle said...

Again: Nice, Jennifer.

Here, a picture of my beautiful CHILD, but no mention...

Collin said...

Cuteness...both child and pup. :)

jennifer said...

The child is beautiful. She will break many, many hearts. Already I hear the sad sound of their shattering... Go, Lola, go!

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