Sitting In Traffic

Would this be an example of irony?


Anonymous said...

my guess it's an example of a woman driver.

Bjorn said...

THAT is so funny. I put a sticker on Anne's bumber that said, "WWBD" (What Would Bjorn Do?) But she took it off. Sheese.


Is that a penguin being eaten by a fish with his penguin friend just standing there? What the FUCK?!?! My favorite is the one of Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) peeing on the Darwin fish. Wow, there's a statement...I think I'll go to church now.

minus five said...

my bumper sticker was better. the one i had a portfolio center on the back of my 1986, lifesaver green, chevy nova. complete with tinted windows and bumpin' stereo system. "don't let the car fool you, my treasure is in heaven."

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