Night of the Living Dead

First things first: Shout out to Collin for helping with my links and photos. And for being my friend even thought I'm so high maintenance.

It's Critique Week at Portfolio Center. The students are out for flesh. They're starving and haven't slept for days; it gets uglier by the hour. The only way to kill them is to destroy their brains, which can't be done. I keep my office locked and yell out that Hank (PC's prez) is bigger than I am. This afternoon, desperate, I slipped them his spare key under the door.

Pray for Hank.



Easy, Tania...not having sleep or a complete meal in 3 days isn't pretty from our end, either...especially when one spends an entire day setting one's poster on fire only to have the entire thing scrapped at the end of the day...a mere 24 hours before one's critiques......at least that is what I've heard :)

afp763389 said...

good luck

Collin said...

Thanks for the shout out. No biggie. I specialize in high maintenance. :)

A said...

MAAA! So glad to have discovered you on The Internet! Welcome to people (one being me) knowing intimate details about your life and you loving it. Blog on, my friend, blog on.

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