Tithes, Tees, and Truckers


1) Yesterday, in the parking lot of Emerson UU Church--this time with both hubby and Lo: Biggy, who usually leaves his wallet in the car, was trying to decide if he should take it in.

Biggy: Will we have to tip?

2) This afternoon, buying JackMan's drumsticks at Ken Stanton Music store, conversation with young Clueless Cutie behind the register:

CC: What's your t-shirt about?
T: It's called Till Death Do Us Part.
CC: It's kinda disturbing.
T: Oh, it's disturbing, all right.

3) Six-year-old girls Lo and Tay, in the backseat today:

Lo: Look at that truck driver, he's not wearing a shirt.
Tay: Only guys can do that.
Lo: Sometimes I don't wear a shirt when I'm in the back yard.
Tay: You're showing your privates, you know.
Lo: Little girls don't have boobies.
Tay: Yeah, but they have nibbles.


Anonymous said...

Nibbles?!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Collin said...

I'm glad you're keeping track of this dialogue. There's a novel or screenplay in here somewhere...not to mention a few poems.

minus five said...

your daughter and i have many similarities. you should be scared.

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