More Witless Dialogue: Two-fer Tuesday

1) Upon getting home from work this afternoon:

Biggy: JackMan's grounded.
T: What'd he do?
Biggy: He was trying to get in the van, and I was doing that thing where I keep speeding up when he tries to open the door. Anyway, I kept doing it, and, finally, he yelled, "What the F---!" in the middle of the street, right in front of the redneck's house, which made US look like rednecks***...
T: Well, it IS annoying when you do that. You're right, though, he shouldn't say the F-word.

....and downstairs with Jackman:

T: So you're grounded?
JackMan: Yeah, he can be such a dick!
T: But you do have a foul-ass mouth. It needs to stop.

***(I come from a long line of trailer park dwellers. My Uncle Edgar and Aunt Ora had a chihuahua that smoked cigarettes. See my own pet above. Hello--I AM a redneck!)

2) Biggy and I, planning our exercise schedules for the evening:

T: I'd like to jog at some point.
Biggy: I want to go to the Y and run on the treadmill.
T: Why don't you just jog with me?
Biggy: I find the treadmill less boring.



minus five said...

you said, "ass" when lecturing him about his profanity? and who deemed, "fuck" the mother of all bad words anyway?

Who's Bluemagoo? said...

Thats Bogus!!!!!!!!! Jack is such a good boy. Plus......we've all heard Greg yell GD when HE was pissed more than once! Bogus!

husty said...

Swearing isn't that bad. Who decides these words shouldn't be said anyhow? Where are your liberal instincts?!

On a lighter note, I know I said I would send you those poems to review. They're still in the works. Hope the offers still good. Love ya

Tania Rochelle said...

BlueMagoo, don't say 'pissed.'

Biggy said...

Hey Blue..Jack is a good boy (with a bad haircut) but me thinks perhaps too young to be throwin' round the F bomb. I'm trying to raise him as a proper southern gentleman, unlike myself. Let's let him turn 18 first, then let the profanity fly.

Anywho, have fun in Mexico-BUT NO MORE TATTOOS!!unless of course it says "Greg is my hero".

Tania Rochelle said...

And just so's everyone knows, "grounded" around here usually ends up meaning you only get half a candy bar, and you have to feed the dogs.

minus five said...

if that's all grounded meant in my house, i would have said cusswords every day. we got grounded until further notice or until our attitude changed; either way, it was a long time. and we had to dig tree holes and fence post holes and make flower beds and all sorts of other manual labor. it wasn't easy digging holes when you hit rock an inch into your hole making; you had to use a pick axe. that tended to make me use a lot of cusswords.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with your dog?.

Tania Rochelle said...

Hey now, Anon...

She's a little neurotic...

jennifer said...

I like the chihuahua! Hey, T, check this out:

A said...

I'm with you, Minus, on "changing your attitude." Unfortunately it never worked and I ended up bringing Moms over to the dark-side. Mu ha ha.

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