More Backseat Words of Wisdom

Taking JackMan and Bud to Zaxby's last night:

JackMan: Dude, I'm starving.

Bud: Me too. All I had today was a Hot Pocket. They're disgusting, but I eat them anyway. Whoever thought that was a good idea--let's take a pop tart and fill it will nasty meat.


Anonymous said...

Does your son always pose that way?

Who's Bluemagoo? said...

Hey "ananymous", You wish you had a son as cute and funny as Jack .....keep dreamin!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yes blue, he's very "pretty".

Husty said...

aw, Jack has a fan. Thanks for your support, but Jacks not old enough for dating. Although, much is to be said about patience anon. Hang in there buddy- one day your balls will drop, and you too will find someone.

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