On The Road To Enlightenment: Two More Conversations With Georgie

Before yoga:

G: See that girl over there--the one on the purple mat, with the pink pants? She tans where I work. Hhmmm?
T: Looks like she could use a few more trips to Solar Plus.
(Brief pause)
G&T: But we're not here to judge.

After Yoga:

G: What were you thinking about during shava-asana?
T: The cramp in my left calf. What about you?
G: Samoas


Who's Bluemagoo? said...

Two peas in a pod.

Who's Bluemago? said...

By the way mom, I start school tomorrow.....9am sharp. Think of me.

Tania Rochelle said...

I'm ALWAYS thinking of you, sweetie.

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