B'Bye Mean Old Bastard

Every old suburban neighborhood has one--the legendary geezer with a riding mower, whose lawn means more to him than his mama (god rest her soul). Though he seems to be nowhere around, let some kid on a bike swerve enough to bend a blade of his grass, and he'll come running from the wood shed with a BB gun.

Our Mr. Baker is gone now, and his little house is going too.

Don't worry; he didn't die. He just sold out to the folks at McMansion.


minus five said...

is his house really portable, or does it just look that way?

mamoo said...

hey ya'll, from NEW YORK CITY. minus five i'll see you tomorrow. i'm on my way to see the sites. i love you tania.

such an exciting city.

Tania Rochelle said...

His house WASN'T portable--I don't live in a trailer park, Sarah.

They loaded it onto those wheels to move it.

Who does that, anyway--buys a house that has been pulled up by the roots and replanted?

minus five said...

tania's mom: how did you gain access to the internet and why are you reading blogs when you could be riding the sightseeing tour bus?

tania: i didn't think you lived in a trailer park, but i wouldn't put it past you to have lived in one at some point in your life. or to have dreamed of living in one. and i didn't know if this was a current neighbor or one from a long time ago.

that would be pretty sweet to have your whole house moved like that. do you know that people who were raised up here have never seen an actual trailer park? they're missing out.

Biggy said...

I can't wait to be the cranky old man in our neighborhood. Age does have its privileges. And did Sarah color correct that photo? I could have sworn it was darker.

mamoo said...

minus-five, call me on my sister-in-laws cell phone around 11 tomorrow at 1/321-689-1506....or have i already told you this???we will already be in china town and will then meet you anywhere you want. sorry tania, i know this isn't a chat room

Biggy said...

And my Granny (Bernice) lived in a mobile home and she was one of the greatest women I've ever known. Don't judge a person by their trailer.

minus five said...

biggy: no, i can't take credit for the color-correcting. tania must have done this one herself. my sister has a dog named bernice. she doesn't have her own trailer, but would probably like one very much.

tania's mom: did tania threaten to beat you if you chatted with me on her blog? you shouldn't let her boss you around like that. you're her mom. you're supposed to be the boss of her.

Tania Rochelle said...

Hey, if you two idiots wanna publish phone numbers and your exact whereabouts for blogstalkers, you just chat away.

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