To All PC Alumni: Wish You Were Here

Tonight, I'm timing critiques, which means it's my job to make sure the panels run on schedule. Designers tend to be quite earnest and long-winded, in my experience--unlike, say, writers. I'm bored as crap, so here are some photos of the goings-on. I'll let you know if anyone cries.

Big-Ass Panel for the Bridge Projects

These guys clean up nicely, I have to say.

What's with the slackers STILL working on projects with 15 minutes till show time? You had eleven weeks, ladies.

Maria--ever the drama queen.

Keith, working hard at the front desk, earning the big bucks.

After all that pain and suffering, the projects go in the slush pile for judging.

Mary and Audrey, gossiping about minus-five.

My very scientific system for timing the panels. Since "the accident," I can't remember anything without stickies.

Look what Craig the writer brought me!

Hey kids, your mama doesn't live here! Clean up after yourselves.


minus five said...

that's neat.

but really, all i want to know is why i was being gossiped about. it's not nice to say things behind my back that you wouldn't say to my face.

and another thing.
what's with these people looking completely different than their blog pictures? you look like your picture. i look like my picture. anne looks like her picture. everyone else... not looking like their pictures. i think there should be a law against this.

Anne-Davnes said...

I think CC deserves extra points for wearing the cutest skirt.

I was THIS close to stopping by with Bjorn and brownies for moral support. Looks like I missed a party.

Tania Rochelle said...

Her skirt WAS fabulous.

minus five said...

umm, hello...

i don't even know who cc is, so i don't really care about her skirt. please address the question regarding shit talking against the minus five.

aud said...

so yea who is cc? why didn't you bring brownies? who dosn't look like their blog picture? and who was gossiping?

and tania what was "the accident" ???

tania, I'm impressed at how well you controlled the critiques while at the same time posting this blog. nice pics, and yes maria is a drama queen. Just glad to have her on my team :)

minus five said...

audrey, allow me to answer some of your questions in the absence of tania, who is spending today consumed with herself.

cc: still no idea who that is. i think she is a made up person.

brownies: do you really think anyone would have brought you guys brownies? people always say stuff like that, after the fact. anne was at home watching, "my name is earl."

blog pictures: you, for one, don't look like your blog picture. and your good friend, mary, doesn't look like hers either. i am seeking to have a law put in place that would prohibit this kind of behavior.

gossiping: apparently you and mary were talking about minus five. if you would like to deny this rumor, take it up with tania who started it.

the accident: this was a couple of years ago. tania was up at the school learning how to time critiques from claire, her predecessor, who, i've heard, does a better job. she was there for about ten hours straight and claire wouldn't allow her to leave, even for food or water, because she still hadn't been able to learn the difficult skill of turning the timer dial to the right. all she could find to eat in the school were vending machine treats. there were slim pickin's in the machine because it was the end of the quarter, so she stocked up on chex mix. this disturbed her digestive system so much that she shit her pants in the middle of her lesson with claire.

this is what she calls, "the accident."

tania continued to sit in it and not say anything about it to claire because she was embarrassed and because claire was already mad at her for being a slow learner. then claire smelled something suspicious. realized it was tania. and sent her home. after that, they took chex mix out of the vending machine.

Tania Rochelle said...

Sarah's memory is WAY better than mine.


Ok, Aud...first of, CC is "diorables" from our packaging class.

Sarah, just because our beauty on a very stressful day was overwhelming does not mean we are lying with our blog pictures. I know it's confusing. Imagine how you'd feel if you saw us in person...you'd probably pass out.

Re: gossiping. I don't know what Tania is talking about...must be more after-effects from that very interesting "accident" you detailed for us...I'll never look at chex mix or the vending machine the same.

Anne-Davnes said...

Can I just say that everyone here is cracking me up? Big time? And that Bimp is getting quite a ride from my belly laughing. And that you guys write much better than I. And that's why I hate you?

Annnnd I really, REALLY was going to bring brownies and BjormMouse to the school!!

Who is Earl?

minus five said...

mary: i maintain the comment about your blog picture. and audrey's. and a few other people that i have seen in person after knowing them only through the blogosphere. i don't know that i would pass out when i saw you in person because i probably wouldn't even know it's you.

if you saw me, cleaned-up-interview-style, during house arrest, while errand running, or in my work attire, you would always be able to identify me as the minus five.

and that is the difference.

anne: i'm assuming that you are speaking mostly about me since tania isn't very funny. certainly not as funny as i am. even her own mother and husband prefer my humor and blog. but i thank you for the compliment and am glad i could entertain both you and bimp.

and let's face it, there were no brownies.

"my name is earl" is a show that comes on nbc on thursdays. perhaps you were instead watching britney spears' interview with matt lauer. whatever it was, there was no brownie making.

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