A Vote For Year-Round School

How nice, I think, those guys--so engaged in conversation. (Note JackMan's friends, The Twins, each with a sock removed to air out injured toes involved in unrelated accidents.) Perhaps they're discussing Of Mice and Men or The Joy Luck Club, their summer reading for ninth grade...

But next time I check...what are they doing?

Ah, yes. Daisy will chase water up and down the steps all day if you let her.

And when they're bored with that? The boys are back inside, playing Halo, and their previous entertainment is relegated to the porch until she dries. (Be sure to click on the photo to see it larger so you can fully appreciate how miserable she is.)

Meanwhile, the summer fun continues as Biggy and Lo tune in to "So You Think You Can Dance."


minus five said...

yeah, your house definitely had more entertainment than mine did tonight.

i even tried to watch, "so you think you can dance?," but only made it through one routine with an overweight ballerina.

after that it was back to my nearly every night faithful fallback program, "dateline: to catch a predator." then i pressed, "mute" but didn't turn the tv off and i uploaded cds online.

rainy wednesday nights in ny are awesome. but who am i kidding? this is every night for me. rain or shine. mid-week or weekend.

mamoo said...

minus five, the highlight to my day is to water the grass, flowers and garden. i'm not sure if i do it becasue they need watering or if i am just trying to avoid my mom's constant questions (she won't go out in the yard).

mamoo said...

and tania, what those boys were doing to daisy is right up there with us and the cat and the bracelet.

Tania Rochelle said...

Um, Mamoo, we should never speak of that.

Collin said...

So You Think You Can Dance is a good way to kill time over the summer until "Lost," "American Idol" and "24" return. Don't knock it. :)

Anne-Davnes said...

At least we can count on one more season of Deadwood starting this Sunday night at 9:00, thank God in heaven.

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