Friday Nostalgia on Sunday

Long before the ice makers of today-- even before those little plastic ice trays that you squeeze and bend--we had the barbaric metal ice tray. Minor torture devices, these required you run water over them, then pull the lever that dislodged the cubes. Inevitably, the tray would become deformed so that the little cube-lever-contraption didn't make contact with the actual tray anymore. When that happened, it was particularly dangerous to free the ice, seeing that it was a solid mass across the bottom. Once--I must have been about 15--I yanked the lever so hard, the whole thing, ice and lever with sharp aluminum cubing compartments, hit me in the face, leaving two vertical rows of two-inch lines along both sides of my nose. These bled and scabbed red and lasted about a week.


Anonymous said...
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Welcome back!

That thing looks frightening...I don't know if I'd trust ice that came out of a torture chamber-looking device.

rk said...

Don't let the blogger police catch you removing posts!

Anne-Davnes said...

I remember these in our fridge. Just looking at them makes my fingers ache.

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