The Ride Home

On the way out of Jacksonville, we had to stop at a pet store and pick up Timmy II. Timmy from Daytona went the way of James Dean, dying young and beautiful. Since they no longer sell these turtles in Georgia, Miss Lo had to wait 6 weeks for another. (I was going to say "replacement," but that sounded so cold.)

Coming out of Reptile World, JackMan spotted an Army Navy Surplus store and insisted we visit. I don't remember my neighborhood Hodge military store selling things like this:

And the shop next door confirmed what I've suspected all along:

We made one more stop, for lunch at Chik-Fil-A, and then everyone settled in for the all-day drive, JackMan listening to his Ipod, Lo reading her animal book, Biggy driving, and me looking at his mountain biking zine. Things got quiet awfully fast, and when I turned around again...(I swear this was NOT staged. If it was, may Timmy II meet the same fate as Timmy from Daytona.):

Even Stella got a visit from the sand man. In her dreams, she's lying in a field of sawgrass...


mamoo said...

boy, have i missed your blogs, uh, mean you.

Anne-Davnes said...

Love those photos.
So reminds me of vacations when I was a kid.
Doug and I are taking Bjorn to the beach over break. So I hope to have some similar photos for my beelog.

Oh. And I missed you, too! As did BjornMouse. Life is not good at PC without the treat lady.

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