Yesterday, Biggy, Georgie, and I took kayaks to Turtle Island (about a 2-minute paddle). Biggy, who’d already scoped it out on Wednesday, proceeded to give us a bogus tour of the three-jillion-year-old driftwood fossils and Captain Hook’s tractor. When some guy cruised by us on a four-wheeler, our guide shouted that we must ‘hide from the natives—all cannibals,’ at which point I suggested he leave us out of his “Lost” fantasies.

(Long beat of silence)

T: I know you have a come-back to that.

B: Yeah, but why ruin our vacation?


minus five said...

i for one am tired of hearing all of your fancy vacation stories. when are you coming back home? that way we can get back to hearing real-life things.

Collin said...

If they ever make a sequel to "War of the Roses," they should cast you and Biggy and use Minus Five's apartment. ;)

Tania Rochelle said...

I love that movie!

minus five said...

for a small fee, of course. i'm not as cheap as i used to be.

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